Discount at The Village

With presentation of your Hacking Habitat ticket, you will receive discount on The Hacking Break-a-Tack (10am till 12am) normally 12,50 euros with ticket only 10, – . Additionally you will receive a 10% discount on the entire menu (alcoholic beverages excluded).

The Hacking Break-a-Tack
Sugarloaf with butter

And a choice of:
Two slices of homemade bread
Boiled or fried egg
Butter, cheese and jam

Or: Yoghurt with granola (homemade) en fresh fruit.

Both choices include fresh orange juice and a cup of coffee/thee (free).

The Village is based on the left side of the former prison at Wolvenplein. At this badass location, you will see your coffee get roasted on the spot while smelling the freshly baked bread coming from the oven. Your beer will taste even better during the summer when sitting on the terrace next to the canal.